April 23

How to Get Video Traffic Fast!


Checkout this future of video traffic using FB video ads!

We video marketers wanted to get traffic to our videos and get results as fast as possible.

The problem today is that there's a lot of different options that it really gets confusing if what will be the best option that we will go for.

And when it comes to traffic, there's organic and there's paid ads.

And under organic you can get traffic organically from your social media followers or from SEO.

And in video marketing, we all know that video SEO is one of the best ways to do so, but you all know that ranking Youtube videos on Youtube and Google is no longer as easy it once was.

Not to mention when it comes to SEO, you know, they changed the rules each and every time.

So even if you ranked on page one, there's no guarantee that you will stay there forever.

Plus a lot of other reasons why it's not the best way to go for now if you want to get results fast, because of course you need to spend more time, even some money before you can get more results.

And when it comes to just relying on social media followers, of course, if you have a big following on your Youtube channel wherein you have a lot of subscribers that can somewhat help.

But a lot of us, especially in the marketing industry, does not have that luxury of having a lot of subscribers.

And on Facebook, unlike some years ago wherein if you have a lot of social media fans, then you can get a lot more organic traffic.

Nowadays, even if you have a lot of likes on your Facebook page, their algorithm is designed in a way we're in, you cannot still get more eyeballs from your post if you rely on organic traffic on your Facebook page.

You need to pay for you to play, which we will get more into later on.

Right now I just want to make it clear that if you want to get video traffic fast, you cannot rely on organic traffic, such as you know from your social media followers or from video SEO.

So now let's talk about doing paid ads instead.

And there's a lot of options like you can run Youtube ads, video ads on Facebook or in other social media places like Twitter, Linkedin and even on Tiktok.

Although right now I want to focus more on Youtube and Facebook because these are the proven platforms wherein you can get results from running video ads.

And for me personally, I'm not really using Youtube ads.

Personally, I'm using Youtube for doing video SEO.

Although like I said, you can't really rely on it if you want to get results fast.

So what can you use if you want to get results fast?

Well there's no question that it will be Facebook video ad…

Checkout this future of video traffic using FB video ads!


How to Get Video Traffic Fast

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